Recycling Acrylic – Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Waste / Scrap in the USA

Most types of Acrylic (PMMA) materials are recyclable and have enough value to make the PMMA scrap worth collecting for recycling purposes. If the acrylic scrap in not clean enough to be used to make new recycled content products, the material can be reprocessed to recover the acrylic monomer from the PMMA scrap. The Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) monomer extraction process is usually referred to as “cracking monomer” or “monomer crackback”, and is now typically done only in China and India. The recovered MMA is sold back into tier 2 type acrylic applications such as colored PMMA sheet / pellets, lacquers, and paints. In order to make good clear Acrylic sheet the sheet manufacturer will usually use virgin MMA, because the recovered MMA is not clear enough to make Q1 Grade Acrylic Sheet.

Dualloy Inc. is a plastics recycling and plastics sales company that purchases all types of acrylic waste and scrap for recycling. We work directly with the major North American / European PMMA polymer manufacturers, and plastics molding and converting companies to recycle their plant scarp / waste. Dualloy purchases PMMA wide specification injection molding / extrusion pellets, Q1 / Q2 masked sheet (extruded and cast), sheet trim scrap, and lumps/chunks and purge patties. Then we sell the material that we purchase and collect into the acrylic recycle markets around the world.

Dualloy is always interested in purchasing the following types of Acrylic (PMMA) scrap.
Aged / Obsolete Virgin Pellets Clear or Colors
Aged / Obsolete Q1 / Q2 Masked Sheet from inventory
Tub/Spa Vacuum Form Scrap (PMMA/ABS laminated sheet)
Sign Scrap / Waste (from both new/used signs)
Clear / White / Green Extruded Sheet
Profile / Sheet Extrusion Trim Scrap
Cast PMMA Sheet / Trim Scrap
Cast Sheet Trim w/PVC Gasket
Injection Molding Parts / Purge
Automotive Tail Light Assemblies
Impact Modified (DR Type) scrap
Airplane / Bus / Helicopter Windows
Bank / Barrier / Bullet Resistant Sheet
POP Displays

Dualloy has the following PMMA materials available for sale:
Clear / White (segregated) lumps / chunks for crackback
Q1 / Q2 Clear / White / Green Extruded Sheet
Clear / White extruded sheet trim scrap

If your company generates PMMA scrap or waste please give Dualloy a call, so we can purchase your material for one of our Acrylic recycling or MMA monomer recovery programs.

Please feel ree to send me an email to:

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