Chinaplas 2010 – China is back and rolling ahead at full speed!

I have just gotten back from traveling in China for the past 7 days, and took the time to go to Chinaplas 2010 on Tuesday, 4/20, while passing through Shanghai. All I can say is “What a show” to say the least. The show seemed very busy to me, and the news reported a 17% increase in attendance over last year. Every “Big Name” in plastics from around the world had a booth at the show, from polymer manufacturers, color / additive companies, equipment manufactures, and anything else that has to do with handling or processing plastics was represented at the show. They may not show at the NPE anymore, but they all took the time to be at Chinaplas 2010. The overall economy in China is good, with both domestic sales and export sales on the rise. Most of the manufacturers are concerned, because wages are increasing everywhere, as their market continues to develop and mature. But I am sure, that once the domestic manufacturers realize the increase in higher margin domestic sales offsets any decrease in export sales they experience, China will accept the higher wages they are paying.

The Chinese have new wealth in cash, and enjoy spending their money. Japan is currently the # 1 buyer of luxury goods in the world, and it won’t be long before the Chinese secures the position as the # 1 buyer’s of luxury goods in the world. If you want to sell something to the Chinese I would suggest selling them expensive luxury goods. Cars, watches, purses, you name it, if it is high end, flashy, and “Cool in the West” the Chinese want to own at least one. The down side to all of this is that, it is not cheap (inexpensive) any more to travel and eat in China’s big cities. All prices are up in China at this time, so expect to pay more for hotels and dining out if you are traveling in Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. You can still find some great deals in China, but they tend to be farther in land, and outside of the large developing urban areas. Staying at a nice hotel in one of the large cities costs about the same a staying in a hotel and eating out in Houston.

Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 prices were up again in April due to continued demand and tight supply of material around the world. Our moldering and compounding customers in China are busy trying to fill their backlog of orders from 2009. The increase in export business, coupled with the increase in domestic business most companies are enjoying, is leading to strong demand and tight supply of Nylon 66 resins and fiber scrap. Dualloy is currently in a sold out position on all of the Nylon 66 and Nylon 6 second quality pellets, regrinds, and fiber bales that we purchase. Our demand in China for material is great, and we just cannot get enough material to keep all of our good customers happy.

The Acrylic (PMMA) market is very difficult for us to deal in at this time. The sale price in South China for low end monomer extraction scrap is around USD$1100-$1120/MT CFR HK, and we definitely cannot make this price work in today’s market. All of the major USA PMMA producers have their scrap priced over the $.50/lb., so buying PMMA scrap and exporting it to China is very difficult to say the least. We have been buying material to maintain our relationship with the producers, and to keep the material supply door open for when the acrylic scrap market turns around.

Dualloy sells the following types of plastic resins and polymers.
Nylon 66 – PA 66 Wide Specification Pellets, Baled Fibers, Regrinds
Nylon 6 – PA6 Prime Pellets, wide specification pellets, plant scrap
ABS, SAN, GPPS Wide Specification Pellets, GPPS / SAN Devol Pellets
SBS, SEBS, SIBS Second Quality Pellets, Aged/Obsolete Inventory

Dualloy purchases/sells plastic resin and polymers in the following forms.
Aged/Obsolete Virgin Pellets
Wide-Specification Pellets
Clean uniform Plastic Regrinds
Reactor Lumps/Chunks/Patties
Nylon Fiber Bales

Dualloy has the following Nylon materials available for sale:
Nylon 66 Semi Dull Wide Spec Pellets
Nylon 66 Dull Second Quality Pellets
Nylon 66 Textile Bright Pellets
Nylon 66 Pellets w/ up to 0.02% TiO2
Nylon 66 Mixed Color Regrind
Nylon 66 Bright / Semi Dull / Dull Baled Fibers
Prime Nylon 6 Pellets 2.7 RV – Natural
Packaged in 1,500# boxes

Nylon 6 Wide Spec Chips – High Residual Monomer
Mixed Grades / Mixed RV’s 2.4 – 5.0
May have up to 10% residual monomer
Will contain pellets with TiO2
May have blue/green HS pellets present

Nylon 6 Un-pelletized Chopped Strands – High Residual Monomer
Mixed Grades / Mixed RV’s 2.4 – 5.0
May have up to 10%-12% residual monomer
Will contain pellets with TiO2

Dualloy sells the following types of Acrylic (PMMA) scrap.
Acrylic PMMA – Clear / White (segregated) lumps / chunks for crackback
Acrylic PMMA – Q1 / Q2 Clear / White / Green Extruded Sheet
Acrylic PMMA – Clear / White extruded sheet trim scrap

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