Nylon 66 (PA66) Off- Grade Pellets w/ HS

PA 66 Natural w/ Heat Stabilizer

Off Grade Nylon 66 Nat Pellets with Heat Stabilizer
120,000 pounds (60MT) available for shipment
Material is packaged in used boxes

Dualloy Engineering Polymers, Ltd.

Houston – Hong Kong – Guangzhou, China
Contact:  Jim Gubera
Tel #: 281-556-6481
email:  jamesgubera@dualloy.com

PA 66 Wide Specification Pellets w/HS

Nylon 66 Pellets w/ HS

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One Response to Nylon 66 (PA66) Off- Grade Pellets w/ HS

  1. Mr.G.J.Parekh -Mumbai - India says:

    Dear James,
    Hope you to be fine.
    I had several mail sents in respect of my regular interests in PMMA materials,
    Sheets/offcuts/PMMA Strips w/o PVC and any related products for imports on C&f BASIS.
    I have very reliable customers here and am sure, I can get good business.

    Please let me know if you can send me offers from any of your reliable sources
    irrespective of quantity/C of Origin.


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