Nylon 6 – PA 6 Prime Natural Pellets for Sale

Prime Nylon 6 – PA6 Natural Bright Pellets

RV = 2.7 (2.65 -2.75)
Fiber Extrusion or Compounding Feedstock

Dualloy Engineering Polymers works directly with a domestic Nylon 6 – PA6 manufacturer to support large volume added value compounding programs.  This material is excellent for Nylon 6 compounding feedstock.  Call Jim Gubera to discuss your program and get a material price quotation.

Prime Nylon 6 PA6 Bright Pellets

Prime Nylon 6 - PA 6 Bright Pellets RV = 2.7








Dualloy Sells Nylon 66 – PA 66 off grade (wide specification) pellets, floor sweeps, and regrind.  Industrial Bright – Dull – Semi Dull – Mixed Luster

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