TPU Natural Regrind Needed – 95A+ or 55-64D Hardness

XS Polymers needs TPU Natural Regrind

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TPU Recycing, TPU REgrind

TPU Natural Regrind
Ester Based Molding Compound

XS Polymers needs to purchase TPU Natural Regrind
Ether or Ester based compound for injection molding
95A+ or 55-64D Hardness
10-20,000 Pounds delivered to Houston, Texas 77022

No Glass Filled or Mineral Filled TPU can be used.
No Isoplast. No Mixed Color for this job.
All of the TPU regrind is for sale and shipment in the USA.

Nylon 66 Materials for Sale:
Nylon 66 / PA66 Near Prime Pellets
PA66 Off-Grade / Wide Spec Pellets, Baled Fibers, Regrinds
PA66 Near Prime Pellets – GF, Copolymer PA66/6, FR, High RV 250-300, Nucleated, Mineral

All of our materials are 100% post industrial recycled materials that are generated by the Nylon producers. There is no plastic cross contamination or mixed fibers in our PA66 materials. We sample and test every box of material that passes through our warehouse, so we know what we are shipping to our customers.  We have product and can supply your PA66 off grade resin and PA66 regrinds needs.

We have the following PA66 Near Prime pellets in inventory and ready to ship:
Near Prime Injection Grade Pellets, Natural, Lubed
Near Prime Injection Grade Pellets, Natural, Nucleated, Lubed
Near Prime PA66/6 Copolymer Pellets
Near Prime High RV Pellets  250-300 RV

Nylon 66 Off Grade Pellets, Fibers, Regrinds:
PA66 Off Grade Pellets – B Grade wide specification   Grade # 1007NCB
PA66 Mixed Luster fibers with Anti Stat, Baled             Grade # 1074ML
PA66 Mixed Luster fibers with Anti Stat, Baled             Grade # 1094ML
PA66 Regrind from lumps/chunks,                              Grade # 1008RG

Airbag Fibers and Fabric
PA66 Airbag High Tenacity Fiber, bright w/HS, Baled      Grade # 1009BRT/1082BRT

James Gubera is a direct sales representative for Chemco Services Inc. located in Cantonment, FL.  All of the Nylon 66 / PA66 that I sell is sold / billed by Chemco Services, Inc.  I am not an agent or commissioned sales rep, but work directly for Chemco Services to sell PA66 and PA6.

XS Polymers International, LLC
Plastic Sales / Plastic Scrap Recycling
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