Nylon 66 / PA66 Fibers and Regrind for Sale

Nylon 66 / PA66 Off-Grade Pellets, Baled Fibers, Regrinds for Sale

PA66 Fiber Bales

Nylon 66 – PA66 Fiber Bales – Mixed Luster w/ Anti Stat

PA66 Fibers

Nylon 66 – PA66 Fiber Bales – Mixed Luster w/ Anti Stat









Contact Jim Gubera at:JGubera@ChemcoServices.com      Tel # 281-556-6481
Plastic Sales / Plastic Scrap Recycling

Chemco Services has the following PA66 baled fibers and regrinds available for sale on a continuous basis.  Please contact Jim Gubera for a CIF or CFR delivered price quotation.

Nylon 66 Fibers and Regrinds

PA66 High Tenacity Fiber, Bright w/HS, Baled           Grade 1009BRT/1082BRT
PA66 Mixed Luster fibers with Anti Stat, Baled           Grade # 1074ML
PA66 Mixed Luster fibers with NO Anti Stat, Baled     Grade # 1084ML
PA66 Regrind from lumps/chunks,                              Grade # 1008RG
PA66 Regrind – Mixed Luster <0.3% TiO2                 Grade # 1014SD
PA66 Mixed color Regrind for Black                            Grade # 1016RG
PA66 GF Mixed Color Shred for Black                        Grade # 890/990GF

Nylon 6 Pellets / Fibers

Nylon 6 Off grade pellets “ Floor Sweeps”
Nylon 6 Mixed Luster Fiber Bales
Nylon 66/6 Copolymer Mixed Luster Fibers

James Gubera is a direct sales representative for Chemco Services Inc. located in Cantonment, FL. All of the Nylon 66 / PA66 that I sell is sold / billed by Chemco Services, Inc. I am not an agent or commissioned sales rep, but work directly for Chemco Services to sell PA66 and PA6.

XS Polymers International, LLC
Plastic Sales / Plastic Scrap Recycling
Contact Jim Gubera: jim@xspoly.com

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