PA66 Off Grade Pellets, Baled Fibers, Post Industrial Regrinds for Sale

Chemco Services, Inc. – Nylon 66 Specialists
Off Grade Resin, Fibers, Post Industrial Regrinds

Contact Jim Gubera at: Tel # 281-556-6481
Plastic Sales / Plastic Scrap Recycling

Chemco Services Inc. (CSI) knows that the plastic recycling markets have slowed down around the world, and that prices are softening to reflect the slowdown in the world’s recycling markets. When the plastic market rebounds scrap prices will stay soft for a while due to the amount of material being stockpiled because of the slow economy. CSI has Nylon 66 in stock that needs to be sold. If you have PA66 demand let’s discuss your needs, and see what we can do to make our PA66 materials meet your pricing expectations.

Chemco Services has the following PA66 in stock and ready ship.

PA66 Off Grade Pellets
Extrusion / Compounding Pellets
NAT and NAT w/Heat Stabilizer
PA66 High RV Pellets
PA66/6 Copolymer Pellets
Mixed color low end Pellets
PA66 Floor Sweeps

PA66 Glass Filled pellets
Natural 50% GFN
Black 50% GFN
Black 33% GFN
Glass Filled purge shred

Black FR Pellets
Mixed Luster Pellets
PA66 Floor Sweep Pellets

PA66 Regrinds
NAT regrind w/burns
Mixed Luster Regrinds

PA66 Fibers
Mixed Luster Fibers NO-Anti Stat
Bright High Tenacity Fibers

All of the PA66 that CSI sells is marketed, sold, and billed as off grade / wide specification resin.
Please contact Jim Gubera for pricing and availability.

Chemco Services Inc.
Plastic Sales / Plastic Scrap Recycling
Contact Jim Gubera:
Tel #: 281-556-6481

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