Nylon 66 / PA66 off grade resin prices remain stable in August of 2016.

Nylon 66 off grade resin prices stable in August of 2016.

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The price of Nylon 66 off grade resin continues to be stable in the 3rd QTR of 2016.  Although some PA66 materials streams are tight due to Invista’s force majeure, wide spec 66 prices continue to remain steady, and with good demand for PA66 off grade pellets.  Invista will be closing the Chattanooga nylon plant by the end of 2016, so that will be taking some of the PA66 plant scrap and off grade resin out of the secondary market.  Invista is adjusting their world production capacity to balance out the new capacity that they have brought online Asia in 2016.  Their new plants in Asia will be servicing the growing PA66 business in China and India, while trimming back their production output in North America

CSI has the following materials that we are looking to develop some new sales programs around.  Do you have a compounding job or molding application that requires a lower cost PA66 material? Let’s discuss your needs and see what CSI has that fits your PA66 material specifications.

CSI Grade #      Description
890P                0-50% GF Mixed Color Pellets
1020UFP           Unfilled mixed color pellets – can have some impact modified in the boxes
1080HIRV          High RV Pellets – RV 150-350 – Call with your specific RV needs
1066NC or HS    PA666 Copolymer pellets – up to 20% caprolactam in the finished pellet
850GF              PA66 NAT Glass Filled 50% HSL
1007HSB           PA66 B-Grade Grade Pellets w/HS
1020UF            Shred – Unfilled mixed color purge patties – may have small % mineral
1094RP             PA66 Black Reprocessed Pellets

Chemco Services has several inventory items that we would like to develop some programs around.  All of the following Nylon 66 materials are available on a continuous basis, so we can offer you continuity of supply.

CSI sells the following PA66 Off Grade / Wide Specification materials:

CSI Grade # 890P
PA66 0-50% Glass Filled Pellets
Mixed Color for Black
This material needs to be blended prior to processing
Virgin Pellets – Good compounding feedstock

CSI Grade # 850GF
PA66 Natural 50% Glass Filled Pellets w/HS

CSI Grade # 833GF
PA66 Black 33% Glass Filled Pellets w/HS

CSI Grade # 1080HiRV
Nylon 66 Natural High RV Pellets
100 – 350 RV

CSI Grade # 1066NC or HS
PA66/6 Copolymer Pellets
Natural or Heat Stabilized
Up to 19% Caprolactam in the finished pellet
This is not a PA66 / PA6 blend
This is a lower melt PA66 resin due to the capro content

CSI Grade # 1020UFP
PA66 Mixed Color Unfilled Pellets
No Mineral or Glass Filled Pellets
There can be some impact modified and heat stabilized pellets in the boxes
Excellent compounding feedstock at a very competitive price.

PA66 Off Grade Pellets
Extrusion / Compounding Pellets
PA66 Injection NAT and NAT w/Heat Stabilizer
Impact Modified – High / Medium Impact
PA66 High RV Pellets
Black FR Pellets
Mixed Luster Pellets
PA66/6 Copolymer Pellets
Mixed Color low end Pellets
PA66 Floor Sweeps

PA66 Glass Filled pellets
Natural 50% GF
Black 50% GF
Black 33% GF
NAT 33% GF
Glass Filled purge shred

PA66 Post Industrial Regrinds
NAT Regrind – Bright / Neat Reactor lump/chunk
Mixed Luster Regrinds – Extrusion Fibers <0.3% TiO2

PA66 Fibers
Mixed Luster Fibers NO-Anti Stat
Bright High Tenacity Fibers

All of the PA66 that CSI sells is marketed, sold, and billed as off grade / wide specification resin.
Please contact Jim Gubera for pricing and availability.

Chemco Services Inc.
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Contact Jim Gubera:  jgubera@chemcoservices.com

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