Nylon 66 Fibers for Sale – Bright / Semi Dull PA66 Baled Fibers

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PA66 Baled Fibers For Sale – Bright / Semi Dull Nylon 66

Nylon SD Fibers

PA66 Semi Dull Fibers
No Anti Stat


PA66 Fibers Semi Dull – No Anti Stat
RV:  55-65
TiO2:  Up to 0.3% TiO2 – Semi Dull Levels
Quantity:  400,000 pounds
Packaging:  Bales/ Boxes Mixed

PA66 Bright Fibers – High RV
RV: Up to 110
Quantity:  200,000 pounds
Packaging:  Bales/ Boxes Mixed

Contact Jim Gubera for a price quotation.
Email:   jgubera@chemcoservices.com



CSI sells the following PA66 Off Grade / Wide Specification materials:

CSI Grade # 890P
PA66 0-50% Glass Filled Pellets
Mixed Color for Black
This material needs to be blended prior to processing
Virgin Pellets – Good compounding feedstock

CSI Grade # 850GF
PA66 Natural 50% Glass Filled Pellets w/HS

CSI Grade # 833GF
PA66 Black 33% Glass Filled Pellets w/HS

CSI Grade # 1080HiRV
Nylon 66 Natural High RV Pellets
100 – 350 RV
CSI Grade # 1066NC or 1066HS
PA66/6 Copolymer Pellets
Natural or Heat Stabilized
Up to 19% Caprolactam in the finished pellet
This is not a PA66 / PA6 blend
This is a lower melt PA66 resin due to the capro content

CSI Grade # 1020UFP
PA66 Mixed Color Unfilled Pellets
No Mineral or Glass Filled Pellets
There can be some impact modified and heat stabilized pellets in the boxes
Excellent compounding feedstock at a very competitive price.

PA66 Off Grade Pellets

Extrusion / Compounding Pellets
PA66 Injection NAT and NAT w/Heat Stabilizer
Impact Modified – High / Medium Impact
PA66 High RV Pellets
Black FR Pellets
Mixed Luster Pellets
PA66/6 Copolymer Pellets
Mixed Color low end Pellets
PA66 Floor Sweeps

PA66 Glass Filled pellets
Natural 50% GF
Black 50% GF
Black 33% GF
NAT 33% GF
Glass Filled purge shred

PA66 Post Industrial Regrinds
NAT Regrind – Bright / Neat Reactor lump/chunk
Mixed Luster Regrinds – Extrusion Fibers <0.3% TiO2

PA66 Fibers
Mixed Luster Fibers NO-Anti Stat
Bright High Tenacity Fibers

All of the PA66 that CSI sells is marketed, sold, and billed as off grade / wide specification resin.
Please contact Jim Gubera for pricing and availability.

Chemco Services Inc.
Nylon 66 Specialists
Plastic Sales / Plastic Scrap Recycling

Contact Jim Gubera:  jgubera@chemcoservices.com
Tel #:  281-556-6481

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