Nylon 66 – PA66 Prices are up significantly in the first quarter of 2017

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Nylon 66 – PA66 Prices are up in early 2017

The price of Nylon 66 prime resin has increased by $.30/lb. since September of 2016.  The USA PA66 market has seen three $.10/lb. price increases that started last September.  There were announced price increases of $.10/lb. in September and October or 2016, and another $.10/lb. price increase that was announced in January 2017.  The supply of both Nylon 66 prime and off grade pellets is tight in the domestic market, with strong demand for all grades of our off grade / wide specification pellets.  The price of prime PA66 is once again back up well over $1.00 per pound, and all nylon material prices will probably increase even more before mid-year.  The days of it being a “buyers market” are over for PA66, and will most likely remain that way through 2017.

The manufacturing process to produce virgin Nylon 66 products for the fiber and plastics market results in a number of products not suitable for sale in the prime resin market. Chemco Services buys/collects, processes and upgrades these producer off-grade streams to provide cost effective alternative products to the Nylon 66 market. Chemco offers PA66 Off-Grade pellets and recycled materials to help your company save money and better compete.  These alternative materials allow users to blend, process or compound (with or without prime) to produce a wide range of cost effective end products to fit specific market needs.

Nylon 66 – PA66 Glass Filled Shred for Sale

Do you have a low end PA66 glass filled application that could use this product? We are looking for a partner that needs low cost PA66 glass filled feed stock for compounding.

PA66 GF, Nylon 66, Glass Fiber

PA66 Glass Filled Shred
0-50% GF Content



CSI Grade  # 890S
Light Loads – 35,000 / TL pound range
0-50% Glass Fiber
Black / NAT Mixed – FOR BLACK
Quantity:  5 loads available now, with at least 5 more loads on the pad that need to be shred.



The 890S – PA66 GF Shred is generated from purge patties from the glass compounding extrusion lines.  The glass content can/will vary from 0-50% across the load of PA66 GF Shred.  The color of the 890S – Shred is natural and black or black/natural mixed.  The 890S is best suited for making Black Glass Filled reprocessed pellets.  There will be some burnt / degraded polymer present in the PA66 GF shred.  There can be trace amounts of PP in the shred, because PP is used to purge the extrusion compounding lines.

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All of the PA66 that CSI sells is marketed, sold, and billed as off grade / wide specification resin.
Please contact Jim Gubera for pricing and availability.

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Contact Jim Gubera:  jgubera@chemcoservices.com
Tel #:  281-556-6481

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