Nylon 66 Prices are up slightly at the beginning of the 4th QTR of 2017

Nylon 66 Prices are up slightly at the beginning of the 4th QTR of 2017

Nylon 66 / PA66 Off Grade Pellets, Baled Fibers, and Post Industrial Regrind Sales
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The price of PA66 off grade pellets and wide specification fibers are up slightly at the beginning of the 4th QTR in 2017.  It had looked like PA66 off grade prices were going to remain stable through the end of 2017, but Hurricane Harvey changed the outlook on the short term domestic nylon market.  Immediately after the hurricane Invista declared force majeure in the PA66 intermediaries and PA66 polymer markets due to outages at their plants in Texas. Plus Ascend has announced a $.10/lb. price increase effective October 1st for all of their prime Nylon 66 resins.  So there appears to an upward pricing trend for Nylon 66 heading into the last 3 months of 2017.  We have seen a price increase for both the PA66 off grade pellets and wide specification fibers that we are buying for sale in the secondary market.

The PA66 market overall still seems to be in balance, with the nylon producers seeing strong demand for both their PA66 prime and off grade resins.  They appear to be staying sold out of the first quality material, and have limited supply of the best quality off grade natural pellets for sale in the domestic market.  PA66 off grade natural pellet prices are up about $.15-.18/lb. since this time last year.  It looks like prices in the PA66 off grade market will continue to be stable in October and November of 2017, while demand for finished pellets is still strong.

The new changes in the China plastic scrap recycling market importation restrictions continue to cause problems in the USA domestic scrap business.  China has essentially stopped taking all low end and dirty plastic scrap from all countries around the world.  The changes in China’s environmental laws have slowed the sale of plastic scrap around the world, and have caused some types of plastic scrap to start backing up at their source.  So we are actually in a period where the price of prime PA66 is going up, while the prices of some PA66 regrinds and scrap are softening in the export market.

The manufacturing process to produce virgin Nylon 66 products for the fiber and plastics market results in a number of products not suitable for sale in the prime resin market. Chemco Services buys/collects, processes and upgrades these producer off-grade streams to provide cost effective alternative products to the Nylon 66 market. Chemco offers PA66 Off-Grade pellets and recycled materials to help your company save money and better compete.  These alternative materials allow users to blend, process or compound (with or without prime) to produce a wide range of cost effective end products to fit specific market needs.

Chemco Services Sells:

Nylon 66 off grade / wide specification pellets and baled fibers
PA66 post industrial regrinds and shred

Chemco Services has multiple loads of the 1013GF – PA66 Glass Filled Pellets loads available for sale and immediate shipment.

PA66, Nylon 66

PA66 Glass Filled
Mixed Color / Mixed Lots


CSI Grade # 1013GF
Less than 2% GF pellets are mixed in with the unfilled pellets
Mixed color / mixed lots of pellets
RVF:  45-55          RVS:  2.61-2.81
Quantity:  4 FCL / Truck Loads




PA66 Glass Filled Floor Sweep Pellets
Off Grade



CSI Grade # 1003GF
PA66 Glass Filled Floor Sweep Pellets
Quantity:  4 Trucks / FCL





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