How will Ascends HMD Force Majeure affect the Nylon 66 market?

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Ascend Declares Force Majeure for HMD

On Monday, January 7. 2019, Ascend Performance Materials (Vydyne PA66) declared force majeure (FM) on hexamethylene diamine (HMD) due to problems at their plant in the Pensacola, FL.  In 2018 Ascend made expansions at both their adiponitrile (ADN) and HMD plants in the USA.   In late December the ADN unit was brought online without any problems, and is operating at the planned post expansion rate.  Unfortunately, when the HMD unit was brought back online, the plant encountered some problems with the unit, and Ascend is now taking the corrective action to get the HMD unit up and running at full capacity.  The HMD unit is currently operating below the anticipated volume of the planned expansion, and availability is reduced for all polymer products and HMD.  Due to the reduced HMD production rate all of Ascend’s HMD contractual customers have been placed on order allocation. Ascend is working around the clock to address the HMD issue, and get the unit back up and running at full capacity.

Although the PA66 market had enjoyed stable prices for the past several months, it now appears that a new nylon price increase will be announced for February 2019.  The Nylon 66 off grade market has seen level material prices since November of last year.  January 2019 started off with level pricing for both PA66 prime and off grade resins as well.  It actually looked like the 66 market might enjoy level material prices for 4 straight months for the first time in the last year. That all of that changed on Monday with Ascend’s HMD FM declaration.

It now appears that HMD will be in short supply for the foreseeable future, which will have an immediate impact on the supply of PA66 resin / compounds, and drive up 66 prices in the world market.  The supply of PA66 off grade resin has been tight since the beginning of 2018, and will probably become even tighter due to the HMD shortage.  If the price of prime PA66 increases in February, then the market should expect to see all Nylon 66 off grade pellets, fibers, regrinds, and scrap prices increase as well. The price of PA66 scrap was already increasing at the end of 2018, because the price of both prime and off grade pellets had risen so high by the end last year.

I don’t predict where PA66 prices will settle out, but at the moment it appears that PA66 prices will continue on an upward trend in early 2019.  Get ready for the price of Nylon 66 to reach a new historical high in 2019.

Nylon 66 Off Grade Pellets Sales

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Chemco Services sells Nylon 66 off grade / wide specification pellets, baled fibers and
PA66 postindustrial regrinds and shred.  CSI does not sell or distribute any prime PA66 resin,
compounds, or fibers.

Please contact Jim Gubera to discuss your PA66 off grade resin needs, and to explore cost saving alternatives to using prime PA66 resin in your injection molding or added value compounding jobs.

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