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PA66 Baled Fibers -Post Industrial (PI) Regrinds/Shred

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Contact Jim Gubera for material availability, and a price quotation.

Nylon 66 – PA66 Bright Regrind For Sale

Chemco Services Inc. (CSI) manages plastics recycling programs for the Nylon 66 (Polyamide 66) producers in North America.  CSI works with both the off grade / wide specification resin and compounds that the PA66 polymer plants generate, and recycles the lump/chunks from the polymer reactors.  We are currently in a large run of PA66 Natural w/HS (Heat Stabilized), and have material available for sale and delivery in the month of August.  Please see the PA66 resin details listed below.

CSI Grade # 1015RG Bright
PA66 Bright Regrind w/ Heat Stabilizer (HS)
Natural w/HS – Minimal burnt polymer
Generated from reactor lump/chunks and purge patties
Packaged in boxes with PE poly liners
RVF: 60-80

Nylon 66, PA66, Regrind, Shred

PA66 NAT Regrind
Grade # 1015RG

Nylon 66, PA66, Regrind

Nylon 66 Bright Regrind w/HS
Grade # 1015RG









Contact Jim Gubera for material availability. Tel # 281-556-6481 Email:

Chemco Services Inc. (CSI) is a Nylon 66 plastic sales and PA66 recycling/service company that collects and processes nylon off grade pellets / scrap from the nylon 66 polymer plants and fiber extrusion plants in the USA.  CSI’s main office / plant is located in Cantonment, Florida. Chemco Services only sells nylon materials, and does not handle any other types of plastic off grade or scrap. 99% of our business is PA66, and all of the nylon CSI sells is 100% post industrial scrap from the polymer plants or fiber extrusion plants in North America.  CSI has 3 plants for collecting and recycling nylon off grade pellets and scrap in the USA.  CSI collects and processes approximately 16,000-17,000 metric tonnes (33-34 million pounds) of Nylon 66 per year.CSI sells Nylon 66 off grade / wide specification base resin and compounds, baled fibers, post industrial (PI) regrinds and shred.

CSI sells the following types of PA66 Off Grade Resin / Pellets:

B-Grade NAT – Base Resin
B-Grade NAT w-HS – Base Resin
Injection Grade Natural w/Lube
Blended NAT / HS – Compounding Feedstock
High Viscosity – High RV
Impact Modified – IM
Semi Dull  0.3% TiO2
Dull  1.5% TiO2
Glass Filled (GF)
Flame Retardant (FR)
GF-FR Mixed Color
Post Industrial – Regrind / Shred

Chemco Services Inc.
Nylon 66 Specialists
Plastic Sales / Plastic Scrap Recycling
Contact Jim Gubera:
Tel #:  281-556-6481

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