Has the price of Nylon 66 off grade resin finally stabilized in January 2020?

James Gubera – Nylon 66 Off Grade Sales Specialist

Nylon 66 Off-Grade Base Resin
PA66 Wide Specification Compounds
PA66 Post Industrial (PI) Baled Fibers, PI Regrinds / PI Shred
100% PI Scrap, Lumps/Chunks/Purge Patties

It appears that the price of PA66 off grade base resin and compounded pellets has finally stabilized at the beginning of 2020. In 2019, it seems like the price of off grade nylon decreased every month in the world market.  The nylon market has seen the price of PA66 off grade resin decrease almost 50% over the past 12 months, and the price of nylon wide specification resin has returned to the same price level in the market where it was in late 2017.  It has been a challenging time in the Nylon 66 market over the past 2 years, with PA66 off grade prices increasing monthly throughout 2018, and then to only have the price of PA66 correct downward throughout 2019.  There is currently plenty of PA66 off grade resin and post-industrial scrap readily available for sale in the market, so it appears that nylon prices should remain stable through the first quarter of the new year.

Chemco Services New PA66 Offer

Chemco Services (CSI) has 2-3 truck loads / FCL of CSI Grade # 1007HSB PA66 NAT HS standard off grade pellets available for sale and immediate shipment.  The 1007HSB is good base resin that is well suited for added value compounding applications.  All of the PA66 that CSI sells is marketed, sold, and billed as “off grade / wide specification” resin. 

1007HSB Natural Best Quality – Heat Stabilized
PA66 B- Grade – Natural w/HS – Off Grade / Wide Specification
There will be green / blue green (HS) pellets present in the boxes
Can have off color yellow pellets and or black specs in the resin
Will have pellets that are shades of green / blue green in color present in the boxes
Packaged in boxes with PE Poly or Foil Liners
Relative Viscosity Formic – RVF: 45-55
Relative Viscosity Sulphuric – RVS: 2.61-2.81

Nylon 66 Off Grade Pellets – Natural w/HS
CSI Grade # 1007HSB

New Inventory; Lot # 106860, 106859, 106858

Contact Jim Gubera for a price quotation
Tel # +1 281-556-6481
Email: jgubera@chemcoservices.com
Chemco Services Inc. – Nylon 66 Specialist

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