Do you want to improve your internet presence in order to attract new customers and sales conversions from your website?

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Does your company need help in developing a website that ranks organically in the Google search engine, and direction in creating an effective digital marketing program, and social media presence on the internet?

  There are the main 3 factors that are required in order to build the foundation needed to have an organically ranking web page in today’s competitive internet market place.  All companies need a well written and continually updated / managed website, with good back links that support the written text while directing traffic to your site, and a social media presence that sends positive signals to Google that there is social interaction with your website.

    I can help plastics companies that want to increase their sales on the internet by developing a digital marketing program that allows their website to rank organically in the Google search engine.   Would you like to learn how to develop new sales by utilizing current technology and the internet to attract new customers and sales conversions, while meeting the needs of the buyer in order to build brand loyalty?

    I have been selling plastic resin in the plastics industry since 1986, and have been traveling and selling Nylon 66 in China / Asia since 1996.  I have over 11 years of SEO/SEM/Digital Marketing training and experience, and have taken SEO/SEM classes on a continuous basis since 2008. This allows me to stay current with the changes that are made to the Google algorithm that affect a webpages ability to organically rank on Page 1 on the internet.  I have a good understanding of digital marketing, and the skill set required to use social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage new customers and develop new material sales.  I have the ability to develop a Google (organically) ranking website to build brand loyalty that attracts new customers, and sales conversions that add real value to the company, while meeting the needs of the customer.

     I understand that “Content is King” in webpage development and site performance, and know how to incorporate keywords and user intent in developing an organically ranking customer friendly website.  I know how to use SEO tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush and Screaming Frog to analyze a website in order to make data driven decisions that will improve the sites performance.  I know how to properly tag a sites pages using Schema in order to improve the pages ranking in the Google algorithm and placement in Google local.  I understand how to seek out and build strong back link profiles that are important for a page’s ranking, while adding real value to the website by supporting the written text.  I have a strong focus on value creation using the internet that in turn meets the needs, and delivers value to the customer.  I have a can do, proactive mindset that enables me to think out-side-of-the-box in the pursuit of new marketing and sales opportunities that add long term value and profit to the company.

    My specialty is selling Nylon 66 / PA66 off grade base resin into the world’s added value compounding market.  I have over 20 keywords that organically rank in the Zero slot or #1 position in Google.  I have branded myself as the “PA66 Off Grade Sales Specialist”, and can help you develop an effective internet marketing program to achieve the same results.

Listed below are the organically Ranking Search Terms on the internet for for Nylon 66 – PA66 Off Grade Resin Sales.

  1. Nylon 66 Sales Specialist
  2. Nylon 66 Off Grade Sales Specialist
  3. Nylon 66 Off Grade Sales
  4. Nylon 66 Off Grade Resin Sales
  5. PA66 Off Grade Resin Sales
  6. PA66 Wide Specification resin sales
  7. Nylon 66 off grade base resin
  8. Nylon 66 off grade base resin sales
  9. Nylon 66 bright regrind sales
  10. Nylon 66 shred sales
  11. PA66 Shred Sales
  12. Nylon 66 wide spec fiber sales
  13. PA66 wide spec fiber sales
  14. Nylon 66 wide specification fibers
  15. PA66 wide specification fibers
  16. Nylon 66 wide specification fiber sales
  17. PA66 wide specification fiber sales
  18. Sells nylon 66 off grade
  19. Sells PA66 off grade
  20. Sells Nylon 66 off grade resin
  21. Sells PA66 off grade resin

Please feel free to contact me to discuss ways to help your business grow using technology and the internet.

Contact: Jim Gubera Email: or call Tel # 281-556-6481

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