PVB – Polyvinyl Butyral Plastic Recycling

Dualloy Engineering Polymers Ltd.
Plastic Scrap Recycling
Nylon 66 – PA66 Off-Grade / Wide Specification Pellets
Please feel free to contact me at: JamesGubera@dualloy.com
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Dualloy Engineering Polymers Ltd. recycles Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) obsolete film rolls and film trim scrap.  We recycle PVB waste from the glass lamination process:  automobile windshields, architectural glass/ windows, and acoustical glass applications.  Dualloy has the ability to work with aged and obsolete films rolls, and clear film trim scrap from the glass lamination process.  We want to recycle your single layer and multi layer clear Polyvinyl Butyral film rolls.

Dualloy wants to recycle your PVB:
•    Aged / Obsolete PVB film rolls
•    Single layer clear PVB film trim scrap
•    Multi layer clear PVB film waste

Dualloy is not interested in recycling PVB from the windshield recycling waste stream.  Dualloy does not recycle or purchase any PVB waste with any residual glass content.

Please contact Jim Gubera with all of your PVB scrap / waste offerings.
Email Jim at:  JamesGubera@dualloy.com
Call Jim at:  281-556-6481

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