Invista declares force majeure for the Nylon 66 / PA66

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Invista declares force majeure for Nylon 66 / PA66 for the plant located in Kingston, Ontario.

Invista has been forced to declare force majeure for the PA66 plant located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada due to problems receiving railcar shipments of feed stock that are needed to make polymer.  The disruption in rail service in Canada is being caused by Indigenous anti pipeline protesters/activists in support of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation in British Columbia who are fighting a 416-mile gas pipeline crossing through the Tyendinaga Hohawk territory.  The protesters in Ontario have blocked rail service since Feb. 10th, which has been blamed for 1,400 layoffs at Canada’s main rail companies, and disrupted feed stock and chemical shipments in and around Ontario.  In early February Canadian National, which owns the rail line, won an injunction to clear the blockade near the city of Belleville, Ontario.  Unfortunately, the police are wary of protests and violent confrontations like in the 1990s with Indigenous groups, so thus far the authorities have been unwilling to forcefully remove the protesters/activists from the tracks.

I do want to be clear that the Invista force majeure is only affecting the Nylon 66 / PA66 customers that are receiving nylon polymer and resin from the Kingston plant.  The current force majeure does not affect Invista’s other PA66 plants or nylon supply in North America.

On the upside, I have heard that Invista is starting back up the ADN plant located in Orange, Texas after a successful plant turn around.  All of the planned maintenance has been completed at Orange on schedule, and Invista does not anticipate any problems during the plant startup.

Nylon 66 Off Grade Base Resin / Wide Specification pellets for sale:

  • CSI Grade # 1007NCB
  • PA66 B- Grade – Natural – Off Grade / Wide Specification
  • Can have off color yellow pellets and or black specs in the resin
  • Packaged in boxes with PE Poly or Foil Liners
  • Relative Viscosity Formic – RVF:   45-55  
  • Relative Viscosity Sulphuric – RVS:  2.61-2.81
CSI Grade # 1007NCB
PA66 Natural Off Grade Base Resin
Nylon 66 NAT Wide Spec Pellets
CSI Grade # 1007NCB
Nylon 66 Wide Specification Base Resin
CSI Grade # 1007NCB
PA66 Natural Off Grade Base Resin
Nylon 66 NAT Wide Spec Pellets
CSI Grade # 1007NCB
PA66 Off Grade Natural Pellets

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