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Crumb Rubber from Recycled Tires for Sale

Crumb Rubber (Tire Crumb) is the term that is usually used to describe recycled rubber from truck and automobile used post consumer tires.  During the recycling process the steel belt and nylon tire cord is removed leaving tire crumb rubber in a ground or pulverized granular form.  Typically the crumb rubber from the recycled tires is processed further with a granulator (grinding machine) further reducing the particle size of the ground tire crumb.  The ground material is sized using screens and classified based on the color of the regrind.  There are 2 basic color categories of the material: 100% black only or black / white mixed.  To size the regrind, the material is run over screens with a set dimension or mesh.  Typically the particle size is expressed as a fraction of an inch (3/8” grind), or as mesh, which refers to the holes per square inch in the screen (10, 20, 30 etc.)
The main uses for crumb rubber from recycled tires are rubberized asphalt, cushioning for astroturf, ground cover under playground equipment and athletic fields / tracks.

XS Polymers sells tire crumb rubber in both regrind and pulverized forms.
We currently have 2-4 truck loads per month available for sale on a continuous basis.

Tire Crumb Rubber

Crumb Rubber from Recycled Tires








Pulverized Tire Rubber Crumb - Black

Pulverized Tire Crumb from Recycled Tires








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