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Prime EVA Hot Melt Adhesive for Sale

EVA Hot Melt Carton Seal – Grade # HM2501
Prime Original Packages – Export Only – Not for Sale in the USA

EVA prime in original packaging
Price: Contact Jim Gubera for a price quotation.
Volume: 220,000 pound – five/5 containers
Packaging: Supersacs as per pictures

Prime EVA Pellets - Hot Melt Adhesive

Prime EVA Grade # HM2501 Hot Melt Carton Seal
Prime EVA Pellets – Hot Melt Adhesive








Please let me know if you have any export opportunities for this material.
This is prime EVA that is comparable to the DuPont and Exxon/Mobil products in the market.

XS Polymers Sells Off Grade Nylon 66, Nylon 6, POM, Acetal, PBT Pellets

Nylon 66 Off Grade Pellets / Regrinds
PA 66 Near Price             RV 45-55   As available from the supplier
PA 66 B-Grade Nat          RV 45-55   Good natural color wide spec     Foil Bags or PE Liners
PA 66 B-Grade w/ HS      RV 45-55    Shades of Blue / Green                 Foil Bags or PE Liners
PA 66 Floor Sweeps        RV 45-55    Dry classified chips, can have low melt PA in the mix
PA 66 Floor Sweeps        RV 45-55    Better quality floor sweeps, mixed color with less dirt
PA 66 Bright Regrind       RV 60-80     Best Quality
PA 66 Purge Regrind       RV 60-80     0.025% TiO2, no burns
PA 66 Purge Regrind       RV 60-80     Bright, some burns possible trace of HS or TiO2

Nylon 6 High RV Virgin Pellets
PA6 Virgin; 0.0 TIO2         RV 82; H2O 0.10; Ext. < 1.0%        13,594 lbs
PA6 Virgin; 0.0 TIO2         RV 104; H2O 0.06; Ext < 1.0%       18,176 lbs
PA6 Virgin; 0.0 TIO2         RV 102; H2O 0.02; Ext. < 1.0%      47,648 lbs
PA6 Virgin; 0.0 TIO2         RV 106; H2O 0.05; Ext. < 1.0%      41,971 lbs

POM- Acetal Copolymer Off Grade Pellets
POM Copo Natural Pellets –         Medium Flow / High Flow
POM Copo Mixed Color Pellets Medium Flow / High Flow
POM Copo Glass Filled Pellets   Natural – Medium Flow / High Flow
POM Regrind – Reactor Lump/Chunk Regrind mixed color for black

TPU Nat Reprocessed Pellets
Natural 88-94A Hardness
This is a very clean reprocessed pellet that is good for injection molding, extrusion, or compounding.

XS Polymers sells the following types of Nylon 6 Polymer production waste:
PA6 Kettle Bottoms
PA6 Capro Residue
Call for MOQ and current material prices

XS Polymers purchases / sells plastic and polymers in the following forms:
Aged / Obsolete Virgin Pellets
Wide Specification, Off-grade Pellets
Clean uniform plastic regrinds
Reactor Lumps/Chunks/Patties
Nylon Fiber Bales

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