“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” Nylon 66 market in 2019

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“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” of the Nylon 66 Market in 2019.

What a difference the past 9 months have made in the world’s PA66 market!  Since January of 2019 the price of both prime and off grade Nylon 66 (PA66) has decreased significantly form the record high prices that the market experienced in 2018.  I have been selling off grade PA66 since 1996, and I believe that the price of off grade PA66 reached a new historical high in 2019.  I cannot remember a time in the past when PA66 off grade B-grade resin was selling at $1.90/lb. (USD$4190/mt) or higher in the USA and world markets.

Below are just a few of the reasons that the Nylon 66 market has slowed down significantly in 2019.
In 2018 many products when possible switched to PA6 resin due to the high price of PA66 in 2019.
The pricing delta between PA66 / PA6 is still to great based on historical data for the 2 materials.
USA vs. China Trade War – There has been anti-dumping duty on PA66 sold in China for years.
Too much PA66 off grade resin being made available for sale at low prices in the spot market.
The slowing automobile sales market around the world in 2019.

Unfortunately, the demand for PA66 starting to slow down in late 2018, and everyone felt that the market was just slowing down at the end of the year.  Then everyone was expecting the PA66 market to strengthen after the Chinese New Year which did not happen this year.  As we know, the PA66 market has never really picked up any real momentum in terms of strong demand for either prime or off grade pellets in 2019, so we have just watched as the nylon prices have just continued to soften throughout the year.  I am hearing that the price of PA66 off grade natural resin is selling in the Asian market in the price range of $1.00-$1.05/lb. (USD$2200-$2300/mt) CFR Export Port from the Nylon 66 producers in China.  And most Asian buyers expect the price of PA66 off grade resin to go down even more in the month of September.  Due to the low PA66 prices that are being offered from the Chinese 66 producers it is very difficult to compete in the export market with PA66 B-grade off grade that is made in the USA.

At this time, the Asian PA66 producers are trying to keep the price of PA66 prime resin in the export market at or above a price of $1.30/lb. (USD$2800/mt) or higher if possible.  The problem is demand for both prime and off grade PA66 resin is still weak around the world, and the extremely large orders are few and far between.  Business is OK, but not great, and I am sure that everyone hopes to see the nylon export market pickup and strengthen real soon.  One of the challenges the Nylon 66 export market is facing now is that the delta in the price of PA66 is much greater than the price of Nylon 6.  In the past the price difference between the 2 nylons was typically around $.20-$.25/lb. (USD$440-$550/mt).  In today’s market, the price difference between PA66 and PA6 prime resin in the USA market is $.40/lb. (USD$880/mt) or greater, so the price of PA66 will probably soften even more before the market turns around and the prices of both the prime and off grade resin stabilizes.

Now that is why I say it is “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” of the Nylon 66 market in 2019, because all of the PA66 producers around the world are hoping to see the price of prime PA66 remain at $2800/mt or higher, but in reality one of them is going to flinch, and then the price of prime Nylon 66 will adjust even lower before we see the end of this scarey movie!

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PgAKzmWmuk
Just for a little humor and a laugh!

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Chemco Services Inc. (CSI) is a Nylon 66 plastic sales and PA66 recycling/service company that collects and processes nylon off grade pellets, fibers and scrap (lumps/chunks/patties) from the nylon 66 polymer plants and fiber extrusion plants in the USA.  CSI’s main office / plant is located in Cantonment, Florida. Chemco Services only sells nylon materials, and does not handle any other types of plastic off grade or scrap. 99% of our business is PA66, and all of the nylon CSI sells is 100% post industrial scrap from the polymer plants or fiber extrusion plants in North America.  CSI has 3 plants for collecting and recycling nylon off grade pellets and scrap in the USA.  CSI collects and processes approximately 16,000-17,000 metric tonnes (33-34 million pounds) of Nylon 66 per year.  CSI sells Nylon 66 off grade / wide specification base resin and compounds, baled fibers, post industrial (PI) regrinds and shred.

CSI sells the following types of PA66 Off Grade Resin / Pellets:

B-Grade NAT – Base Resin
B-Grade NAT w-HS – Base Resin
Blended NAT / HS – Compounding Feedstock
High Viscosity
Impact Modified
Semi Dull
Dull  1.5% TiO2
Glass Filled (GF)
Flame Retardant (FR)
GF-FR Mixed Color
Post Industrial (PI)  Shred / Regrinds
PI Baled Fibers – Bright / Mixed Luster

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