China’s “Green Fence” impacts Plastic Scrap Recycling in the USA

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China’s “Green Fence” impacts Plastic Scrap Recycling

Sorry I have not written on my Blog for the past several months.  I have had to make some changes in my business in 2013, which has required me to spend all my time doing marketing to grow the domestic sales segment at XS Polymers.

The “Green Fence” (green line, green shield) in China has drastically restricted which types of plastic scrap are still allowed to enter into the country.  China is really trying to keep the low end dirty plastic scrap out of the country, so they have tightened up the restrictions on what types of material they will allow into the country.  China no longer wants dirty mixed rigid plastics from our Municipal Solid Waste programs like dirty bales of agricultural film, dirty mixed computer housings with metal present, baled pill bottles with lids and labels, and other low end dirty plastic scrap.  China Customs has increased the number of container cargo inspections that they are conducting, which has slowed the amount of time that it takes to get material into the country and to the customer.  It is not uncommon now to incur extra demurrage charges on the export container, and warehousing charges at the Port of Hong Kong, while waiting for the load of plastic scrap to clear China Customs.

In addition, the Freight Forwarding companies that expedite the shipment of the containers into China are now charging around $600/MT just to handle the container going into the country.  This fee does not include the Duty paid to China Customs for the plastic pellets or plastic scrap that you are selling.  This increased importation fee has stopped the shipment of many low end plastic scrap materials into the country.

Due to the extra charges being incurred by the customers at the Port, while waiting to get their containers into China, and the increased importation fees to the domestic Freight Forwarders are now charging , many low end plastic scrap materials have been priced out of the China market.   I have several customers that are just standing on the sideline at this time waiting for things to calm down some, and get the importation process operating more efficiently.

Nylon 66 – PA66 Regrind with Burns
Reactor lump/chunk Regrind – 100% Post Industrial Scrap
Excellent compounding feedstock.

Nylon 66 Regrind Prod # 1008RG

Nylon 66 Regrind from Reactor Lumps/Chunks

Some Burnt Polymer is present in the boxes

120,000# – 150,000# available for immediate shipment

Nylon 66 Off Grade Pellets and PA 66 Regrinds
PA 66 Near Price             RV 45-55        As available from the supplier – this is the only spot supply
PA 66 B-Grade Nat          RV 45-55       Good natural color wide spec     Foil Bags or PE Liners
PA 66 B-Grade w/ HS      RV 45-55        Shades of Blue / Green           Foil Bags or PE Liners
PA 66 Floor Sweeps        RV 45-55        Dry classified chips, can have low melt PA in the mix
PA 66 Floor Sweeps        RV 45-55        Better quality floor sweeps, mixed color with less contamination
PA 66 Bright Regrind       RV 60-80        Best Quality
PA 66 Purge Regrind       RV 60-80        0.025% TiO2, some burns
PA 66 Purge Regrind       RV 60-80        Bright, some burns possible trace of HS or TiO2

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