Prime Nylon 66 prices to reach new historical highs in September 2018

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Prime Nylon 66 / PA66 prices to reach a new historical high in September 2018 in the world market.

Ascend Performance Materials based in Houston, Texas, has announced a $0.20/lb. (USD$440/mt) price increase effective Saturday, September, 15, 2018 for all non-contractual buyers of their PA66 prime neat resins and Vydyne PA66 compounds.  Once the new PA66 price increase takes effect the price of prime PA66 natural injection grades with lubrication will reach a new historically high level in the world market.  I do not sell any prime PA66 resin, but feel that the price of prime PA66 for non-contractual buyers will move to well over $2.00/lb. (USD$4400/mt) by the end of September 2018.  LTL PA66 buyers can expect even higher prices for prime PA66 resins.  I have been selling Nylon 66 in the secondary market since 1996, and have never seen the sales price of Nylon 66 prime resin rise above $2.00/lb. for any extended period of time, since I have been selling the 66 off grade resin, fibers, regrind and shred.  Nylon 66 supply is tight in both the prime and secondary (off grade) markets, and all nylon 66 prices (pellets, fibers, unfilled natural regrinds) have increased almost every month so far in 2018.  The only Nylon 66 that has not seen a significant price increase in 2018 is PA66 glass filled regrinds that range in glass fiber content from 25-50%, and are used for black compounding or injection molding applications.

The supply of Nylon 66 will remain tight for the next 3-5 years, due to strong demand and limited supply of pirme resin in the world market.  Until Invista completes and brings online their recently announced ADN plant in China in 2023, there is only a limited amount of ADN capacity that can be increased at the 3 plants currently operating in the world.  In total the ADN producers may be able to increase their overall production in the world market by around 450-500 million pounds over the next 3 years.  This planned increase in the current world ADN capacity will be helpful, but it will not be enough to offset the growing demand for PA66 resin and compounds.

In addition, Ascend’s (Vydyne) PA66 plant in the USA is still not running a full capacity, due to the fire on July 10th of this year.   The plant is running at a reduced production capacity, which is adding to the overall tightness of PA66 resin supply in the domestic and export markets.  Since Ascend is operating under force majeure for all of their PA66 resins and compounds, and by passing on the current price increases for the feedstock used for making the finished product, PA66 prime neat resin and molding resins will reach new high sales prices in the market.

Nylon 66 off grade/wide specification, baled fibers, PA66 regrinds / shred

The price of Nylon 66 off grade / wide specification b-grade natural pellets have seen a 100-110% increase in the sales price from where the material was priced in November 2017.  The sales price of PA66 bright fibers are up around 45-50% in the same time period as well.  All PA66 prices are up for off grade/wide specification pellets, baled fibers, and post industrial regrinds / shred.  The supply of PA66 off grade resin will continue to be tight for the next 3-5 years, and nylon 66 material prices will remain high as long as there is a shortage of both prime and off grade resin in the market.  PA66 (good) material is so tight, we may see a period of time where Nylon 66 off grade pellets sell in the same price range as the neat resin and injection molding resins in the prime market.

Grade # 1008S – PA66 Shred – Natural with burns/degraded polymer

CSI Grade # 1008S – PA66 Natural Shred
PA66 Shred generated from lump/chunks
There is degraded / burnt polymer present in the 1008S – Shred
Natural with burns
RVF:  60-80
Contact Jim Gubera for pricing and availability of the 1008S.

PA66, Nylon 66, Post industrial

Nylon 66 Shred
NAT w/ Bruns

PA66, Nylon 66

Nylon 66 Shred










The 1008S PA66 Shred is good for making PA66 re-melt / reprocessed pellets, or Nylon 66 glass filled compounds for black applications.

Chemco Services sells Nylon 66 off grade / wide specification pellets, baled fibers and
PA66 postindustrial regrinds and shred.  CSI does not sell or distribute and prime PA66 resin,
compounds, or fibers.

Please contact Jim Gubera to discuss your PA66 off grade resin needs, and to explore cost saving alternatives to using prime PA66 resin in your molding or added value compounding jobs.

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